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Our Work Should Serve Society

Our work should make a difference in the quality of business education in the country. To this end, we should try to discover what is the most important to do, and focus our resources for the greatest, most enduring benefits. In doing this, we should continually remind ourselves of the inherent worth of all people, and make it responsibility to be attentive to the unique needs of everybody in our school. To make a difference in the world and turn ideas into action, we must be pioneers in our field, contributors of knowledge, problem solvers, explorer of ideas and risk-takers.

Our Mission Deserves Our Best

Our service should be worthy, vigorous, resourceful, courteous, and reliable. In pursuing our mission, we should be a healthy, creative organization with the needed financial and inner resources to produce our best work.


Our Organization Should be a Good Place to Work In

To demand the best of ourselves and to attract, stimulate and keep the best people, we must develop an environment that will support innovation, experimentation and calculated risk-taking. As an organization we should prize the creative participation of each member of our staff; welcome open exchange of ideas and foster the practice of careful listening. We have a duty to actively encourage the personal well-being and professional development of every person who works here. We should, therefore, maximize the authority and responsibility of each person so that he can continue to make an even greater contribution. Our policies should be implemented sensitively and consistently.


We Should Do Our Work With Due Regard To One Another

We recognize the inter-dependence of everyone who works in PSBA; therefore we should treat one another with respect, candor, kindness, and a sense of importance of teamwork. We should foster the spirit of service within the staff for better service to PSBA and its clientele.

PSBA is what we make it – nothing less.



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